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Years Of Experience

Who are Verge Immigration

Not Just Traditional Visa & Immigration Consultants

Sponsoring and managing work visas parts now becoming results in the experience.

The Most Trusted Immigration and Visa Consultant. are located at the heart of Winnipeg Downtown! We assist applicants in navigating the immigration process to Canada in which they choose to live.

Verge Immigration Consulting Firm provides immigration and visa services for international business people, students, families and other visitors to Canada.

The licenced and highly experienced immigration consultant every day helps clients successfully apply for and be approved for Canadian visas.

At Verge Immigration we produce results, so if you're looking for immigration experts with outstanding professional Results?

Then look no further!

At Verge Immigration we work efficiently and accurately, led by Mr Jattinder Singh who is an active member of the ICCRC (No. ). Mr Singh has extensive knowledge and experience in immigration regulations and visa applications, and by being an immigrant himself he understands the importance and success of each immigration application. Therefore, he will be able to serve your immigration needs wherever you decide to settle in Canada.

At Verge Immigration we care about our clients, and for that reason; we respond to emails promptly, offer extended hours and keep everything we do highly organized.

Over the last 5 years, we secured work permits and jobs and countless numbers of accepted Visas and application forms.

Unparalleled Consultancy from Experienced Immigration Consultant

Verge Immigration gives their consultancy by registered and experienced Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Our Values

  •  Trust is Vital to our success, and for that reason, we have made it the cornerstone of our values, and to earn this trust we put the applicant first, by helping and going above and beyond.
  • The Applicant’s success comes first- We understand the challenges that the applicant may go through, so we believe in putting the interests of the applicant first.
  • Reducing complexity – We believe in keeping things simple by offering intuitive solutions, to remove all the barriers the applicant may encounter and make the journey pleasant and successful.
  • We Embrace Diversity – By creating equal opportunities for everyone and building relationships and opening the doors to information, instead of being just another roadblock.
  • Open-Minded– By believing and embracing the new and different which will be found in the core and mindset of all newcomers, helping them make the most of their journey.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to make the Canadian dream happen. We strive to simplify the process and empower migrants and their families to build better lives when they come to Canada.


Following Steps Apply Online Visa

Verge Immigration licenced and skilled Consultant will help you in obtaining favourable and successful results in your case.

Step 1

Fill In The
Required Form

Verge Immigration will fill up all your required forms when you apply for a visa

Step 2

Submit All Your
Attested Documents

Verge Immigration will also submit all your attested documents that need to be submitted.

Step 3

Get Ready To
Receive your Visa

Don’t worry about visa processing, just relax and wait to receive your desired visa.


WHY CHOOSE Verge Immigration

Countless Benefits & Easy Processing

You choose Verge Immigration because immigration rules and dynamic, Complicated to apply, and it's difficult to deal with the migration department you need to increase the success rate Verge Immigration will help you to get that easily.

Legal Immigration Success

Since 2018 Verge Immigration legal immigration success rate is 97 percent. So, you don’t have no need to worry about that.

Required Documents Support

Sometimes it is difficult for the student or people which document is required when. Verge Immigration will help you to manage that.


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